Las Vegas Online Casino and Casino apps

Android  Las Vegas Casino Apps

iPhone definitely has Android beat on casino games right now, but Android is making a good showing. There are more casino apps slated for release this year and you can bet there will be some more solitaire games.

Casino apps can be a fun way to play the games you love and not lose money at them. Besides being a fun diversion, they can also offer some good practice and ways to learn strategy at your favorite casino games like Blackjack and Poker.

These are great games to play in the car and while most of them are single player, there are some casino apps that offer multiplayer action in person and online as well. Check out some of the free ones and those that offer a free trial and get a feel for the types of casino apps that Android has to offer.

Las Vegas Online Casino

Finding an online guide to casinos is definitely one way to build skills in games of chance, games of skill and also an excellent way to reduce risk in gambling.  Online gambling guides give a means to players to learn the right choices to make when playing against the stacked odds that casinos inherently have.  If the odds were in favor of the player and not the online casino, then obviously online casinos would not be able to create revenue nor would they stay in business very long.  An online gambling guide is great, but what experienced players and amateurs alike need to further develop their skills is an online gambling news source that can keep the player up to date with changes in online casino software, legal issues in gambling, top competition in poker tournaments as well as the odds in sports betting.

Online Gambling News

Loyalty to an informative gambling news website is imperative in developing advanced skills in online gaming.  Many may even feel that they have an edge over other players and some may even feel that this ‘edge’ gives an advantage over the casinos.  An online gambling news site that can offer up to date news about the world of online gambling, online poker, bingo, mahjong, pai gow and other online gambling services can give players the data that the professionals use to stay in the know about the changing gambling environment.

Online Gaming

Even some of the top players from the World Series of Poker follow gambling news daily.  Most see the gambling industry as a business and online gambling news gives them insight into how the business operates 24 hours a day.  This allows top players to keep tabs on the competition as well as what online casinos are offering in terms of payouts, bonuses and promotions.  This essentially gives these players a way to increase profit from their online gambling ventures.  Determining the best online gambling news site is easy if you know what to look for.  Make certain that the gambling news articles cover a number of different topics.  There are several thousand sites out there that claim to dispense news, but are nothing more than one or two pages of information.  Look for a online gambling news site that is updated daily, offers helpful information and also includes online casino reviews but do not entirely rely on these reviews as the only means of expressing information. You can read more about online poker news here , our if you look at google news for poker.


Las Vegas Guides

It is a good idea if you want to learn more about Las Vegas casinos to use some of the online guides you can find, that way you know where to go when your in Vegas.

Europe will also soon open a new EU Vegas it is expected to be in Spain or in the UK, some UK casinos will give you an idea what kind of casinos we will be seeing in EU Vegas.

Casino Games

What kind of casino games should one play in Las Vegas? well the best thing to do is try some games for free and see what kind of games you like. I recommend trying a guide like they have links to good casinos that you can try for free without losing any money, there also casino apps you can try on Facebook.

Free Slots

Some of you might want to practice playing slots before going to Las Vegas, there several places online where you can practice free slots. We wish you all good luck, and please let us know if you win anything in Vegas.