Terms and Privacy

Privacy Policy Terms

LAS VEGAS ONLINE CASINO’s privacy policy terms that can be found on this page are subject to sudden changes and planned ones at any time. This can happen whenever the management of the website sees fit. This change can include the addition of brand new terms to the policy as well as removing any of the ones that are listed below. All of the changes that happen to the terms of the policy can take place without any prior announcements, or notifications after the change takes place.

LAS VEGAS ONLINE CASINO will require the users to provide personal information if they wish to create an account. On the other hand, the users will not be obligated to provide such information as they will be able to browse all of the pages of the website without having to provide the website with any information.

The information that the users will provide will be secured by the most advanced encryption technologies that will allow the users to have peace of mind knowing that their information is safe from hackers and thieves who might want to hack it.

This database will not be sold to any third parties and it will not be shared with external websites. The website will only share it with other affiliates and partners in order to enable the website to provide its customers with client support among other services. According to the law, the website will be obligated to reveal the personal information of its users to legal entities who have acquired a legal warrant.

The users will be able to upload different forms of content onto the website. The website has the right to make any changes to this content as well as completely removing it if it is found to be offensive.

Terms of Service:

LAS VEGAS ONLINE CASINO retains all the right to edit this document however it sees fit. It can edit it without having to make an announcement or personally notify any of its users. The management can add brand new terms to the document as well as removing any of the already existing ones. The management of LAS VEGAS ONLINE CASINO can also edit and modify any of the terms.

The users have to read the terms and understand them because once they start using any of the services that LAS VEGAS ONLINE CASINO offers or open the website in order to view any of the content that it has on offer, the terms of service will be in full effect. Any of the users who have any objections or problems with any of the terms should stay away from using or viewing any of the pages of LAS VEGAS ONLINE CASINO.

Cookies are not used on any of the pages of the website. Once users head to other external websites by clicking on any of the links on the website, they will no longer be under the protection of these terms of service. These external websites can use cookies as well as offer abusive content. Users who click on the links are doing so on their own responsibility.

The content that is offered by the website is there for research purposes only. The website can also add and upload content in exchange for monetary payments. This uploaded content can come in the form of articles and casino reviews.

The web site is not responsible for abiding by the standards and the regulations of different countries or states. This is why each user should check his own jurisdiction and countries’ regulations prior to accessing any of the pages of the website.